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Lawely’s infrastructure resides in Europe's most
secure datacenter, 1000 meters deep in the solid rock.

Only you have
access to your data

Lawely is the only data hosting service in the world
with zero access to your files.

Lawely secures data on server side. It makes your data absolutely inaccessible to anyone unless you specifically gave permission to certain people.

You can be sure that even if a third-party or special forces will attack Lawely platform, your data is still safe.

Complete anonymity and confidentiality

You own your data and we don’t have any access to it.

You own your data and we don’t have access to it. We don’t ask for your name and other personal data. Finally, you can use our service free of charge or pay with crypto currency instead of credit card to stay fully anonymous. Therefore, we’re not only committed to keeping your business private, we don’t know your business at all.

All we know that you are very lawely user. It is enough for us to love you.

File rcovery and version history

Lawely saves a history of all deleted and previous versions files.

To avoid unlawely incidents. Lawely saves a history of all deleted and previous versions of files, and allows you to restore them for up to 14 days by sending a request to lawely support at support@lawely.com.

Being in our automatic 14-days-archive vault your files are still encrypted with your private key, so you and only you with decryption key can retrieve the data. After 14 days your deleted data will be automatically wiped from our servers.

However, if you want to speed-up this process contact support@lawely.com and ask Lawely team to take immediate, irreversible action.

On your lawely service. Always.